Marketing Projects by Aaron
Aaron specializes SEO consulting, implementation, optimization. He makes sure his clients achieve higher search rankings
“Chances are your web site can be optimized for more bang of your buck on search! “
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Marketing Projects by Alex
Meet Alex, a FanZappy project manager who proactively works with clients and manages marketing projects...
“Be part of ongoing creative processes is even more than I could ever dream.”
Browse these projects by Alex:
FanZappy Projects for Bellevue Tennis Academy
Bellevue Tennis Academy (web site is a leading tennis club and training facility on Seattle eastside, offering tennis training and fitness for all ages, juniors and adults alike, and all abilities, from beginner to elite. BTA’s motto: EVERYTHING TENNIS! Now browse these marketing projects FanZappy team did for Bellevue Tennis Academy:
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Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns
After the marketing foundation is built with needed marketing channels in place and running for your business, your FanZappy principal and you can work on a multi-channel marketing campaign with a particular business objective and message such as "Get 20% more customers during the holiday season with a 20% off special." or "Generate 100 qualified leads via downloading the owner's ebook." To start, your FanZappy principal will do the planning. He will research and look at data collected from your business, from your industry and from your market area. He will create a campaign proposal and discuss it with you. A FanZappy campaign proposal is our blue print, including campaign definition of success, landing page design, campaign duration and budget, and organic and paid marketing channels to use in this campaign that drives traffic to the campaign. It will also includes specifics of each channel setup/resource needed, cross-channel integration, and end-to-end tracking & report method. With your approval, your FanZappy team goes ahead to implement this campaign. Your FanZappy principal will review with you on the campaign setup after it is completed. Once we launch this multi-channel marketing campaign, we'll notify you as each result is generated and provide you with a campaign report. Your FanZappy principal and service team continues monitoring the campaign execution and its performance. Throughout the campaign duration, We'll conduct in-campaign optimization as needed. After campaign is ended, your FanZappy principal will meet with you to go over the campaign results, calculate the campaign ROI, and discuss with you on the next step regarding your marketing. Browse these sample performance case studies to get started:
 FanZappy Projects for La Bu La Restaurant
La Bu La (Chinese 四季飘香, web site: offers authentic Szechuan style Chinese food in the heart of downtown Bellevue, Wa.
Browse these marketing projects for La Bu La by FanZappy team:
Marketing Projects by Lee
Lee brings 20 years’ experience in technology and marketing and is leading a great on-demand service team.
“With this great team, we can help your business move forward with effective marketing.”
Browse these projects by Lee:
Local Listings
If you are running a local business, have you ever wondered about how to publish to and promote your business with customers across all major local business sites, including search, social media, directory, review, yellow page, navigation, mobile, apps, and business aggregator sites? Here comes the one-stop FanZappy solution. Introducing FanZappy Local Listings Dashboard. Our dashboard enables you to publish and market your business on 60+ major local sites with the following powerful features: 1. One-click publish your business profile to all sites under management Publish a rich-content profile includes photos, videos. 2. Publish special messages such as specials, promotions, or updates to draw more attention from your customers 3. 24/7 monitoring of published data across all sites to ensure 100% correctness and completeness. 4. Complete customer outreach and engagement stats and report 5. Real-time capture of customer reviews, comments, etc. Now go ahead to find more about FanZappy Local Listing and browse the following projects to see how Local Listings are getting customers for these businesses:
Marketing Projects by Merrill
Merrill is a senior web developer with FanZappy, who has developed web sites and landing pages for a number of businesses. “I love what I do, that is, building beautiful and working web sites for businesses!” Browse these projects by Merrill:
Marketing Projects by Michele
Meet Michele, our multi-talented social marketer. Michele is a certified HootSuite Ambassador and can take care of your marketing across social media.
“Social media is my passion and I can make it working for your business.”
Browse these projects by Michele:
Mobile Responsiveness and Mobile App
We provide cost-effective and result-generating mobile marketing build-up for your business that include one or both of the following: Making your web site and landing page mobile responsive. Creating a stand-alone mobile app for your business Being mobile responsive: chances are half or more of your customers are visiting your web site or landing page from their mobile devices such as phones and tablets across all these platforms: Apple's iOS, Google's Android, and Microsoft's Windows Phone system. It has become absolutely a must to ensure that your site or page is 100% mobile friendly and responsive, in terms of download speed and rendering. Often a web site or landing page needs to be customized to show the content on mobile devices correctly. Needing a mobile app: if your business's goal is to grow a customer community such as a members and guests of a tennis club or seniors and caregivers from a senior care service, you may consider creating your own branded mobile app that runs perfectly on all these mobile platforms. Comparing to your mobile-friendly web site, a stand-alone mobile app does more than a mobile site. For one - your branded up shows on your community members' phone and tablet screens. For two, location-based services are built-in features in your mobile app, including navigation, click-to-call, current weather, etc. Also, with a mobile app in place, you can also push messages directly to community members' mobile devices to show on their screens (called "push notification").  Imagine you have a instant special that you want to let members know - what will be a better way other than pushing it to their phones? We have found that customers are more likely to contact a business such as by calling directly from the branded mobile app.   Browse these projects to get started. A FanZappy principal will be working with you on mobile marketing strategy for your business.
FanZappy Projects for PACE Staffing Network
PACE Staffing Network (web site is one of the premier staffing agencies serving the Seattle area with placement and hiring support to job seekers and employers. Now browse these marketing projects FanZappy team did for PACE Staffing Network:
Performance Tracking & Tuning
With no exceptions, as part of FanZappy's marketing build-up process, we always instrument each marketing channel under our management to capture vital analytics and business intelligence data. Your FanZappy principal reviews the collected data and work with your FanZappy service team to conduct performance and results tuning to optimize your marketing for better outcome and lowered cost. Your FanZappy team performs the first round of optimization upon a marketing channel delivery then continue to monitor the marketing performance and further optimize managed marketing channels as needed or periodically, with the following tasks: Channel tune-up, such as web site load speed optimization, mobile friendliness tune-up. Results tune-up, such as SEO updates, ad copy and keyword updates, budget optimization. Rest assured, when marketing with FanZappy, you can expect to be the top performer that beats your competitors. Browse these sample performance case studies to get started:
Print Marketing
Print marketing is an older marketing form however today remains to be an important channel, especially for local businesses with brick-and-mortar establishments. Print marketing materials are typically delivered to local customers with the objective of reaching out and drawing them back to the store. With the proliferation of digital marketing (online, email, social, mobile, in-store interactive such as WiFi and TV, etc., - check related FanZappy projects on this site), print marketing should not work in silo. Instead, it should be integrated with other marketing channels adopted and serves the same purpose of getting customers to the door in a cohesive manner. Compared to digital marketing methods, print is famous for being more difficult in tracking delivery and conversion. However, by integrating print with  digital marketing, FanZpapy enables our clients to track customers' interaction with print material delivered. Please check out these sample FanZappy print marketing projects:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Best explained by Webopedia: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a methodology and implementation of a set of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to your web site by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page  (SERP) across search engines such as  Google, Bing, Yahoo. A site's rank in a search is essential for directing more traffic toward the site. The higher a website naturally ranks in organic results of a search, the greater the chance that that site will be discovered visited by a user during a search. SEO should be a high priority marketing investment after web site development as it is cost effective and brings long lasting results. Browse these projects to start:
FanZappy Special offers
Big-Screen TV Interactive Programming
If you walk into a chain restaurant or a big retailer store, you cannot help but notice the existence of big-screen TVs hanging on the wall showing custom programmed content promoting the business. If you own a smaller business with brick-and-motor locations, you may wonder whether can you have the same without the need to have an in-house marketing and IT team. Well, FanZappy have launched the turn-key  interactive big-screen TV marketing service. We can work with you to set up and program your big screens. There will be no TV setup - all you need is a TV that can be connected to the internet (sometimes called a "smart TV"). We'll create custom programming and feed live content to your connected TVs via cloud technology. with FanZappy, your big-screen TVs will show engaging and consumable content that brings true values to your customers and guests. Our programming is interactive in nature and is integrated with your social media and in-store campaigns to promote guests and customers to engage with each other and with your business. No - you don't need to have an in-house marketing and IT team. Neither will you need to manage it after we launch. Yes - it is a new and powerful marketing channel that enables you to generate more sales with increased customer loyalty. Check out these sample businesses running FanZappy big-screen interactive programming today:
Video Production and Marketing
For most businesses, shooting engaging videos and using them to promote our business should be an integral part of marketing, just as important as your blogging and  your social media posting. The year 2015 has witnessed the proliferation of online marketing videos and how are they are helping business to get more customers. Quantitatively, please follow this link to view some convincing stats. The barriers (thus the fear) that have been preventing you from getting into video marketing may be: (1) I don't know how to make a video, (2) Videos are expensive for big businesses, (3) I don't know how to use it to get customers. With help from FanZappy on-demand video service team, these barriers disappear completely. Our approach: A FanZappy principal will work with you to find out the best topics and format of the video to produce (live, animated, combo). We have a professional video shooting and production team for hire, or we can show you how to produce on your own. We can help in post-shooting production and video distribution We can help make a plan and integrate video into your marketing matrix. In terms of video production, every project is different from another. Clients with various in-house resources have found that FanZappy On-Demand Video service is the cost-effective way to go about video marketing. Browse these projects to get started:
FanZappy Projects for Visiting Angels
 Visiting Angels (web site ) is a private duty network of home care agencies and is the nation’s leading provider of non-medical senior home care services, providing in-home care, elder care, respite care, senior personal care, elderly care and companion care services. Browse these marketing projects for Visiting Angels by FanZappy team:
Web Site and Landing Page Development
In spite of proliferation of all digital and online marketing channels, web site remains to be the online address of a business and the destination of online content and contact information. You may also need a landing page, a single web page that appears in response to clicking on search result or an online advertisement or campaign. The landing page will usually display directed sales copy that is a logical extension of the advertisement, search result or link. Your web site and landing page function differently but work hand in hand: the web site attracts and engages with visitors while the landing page "coverts" visitors to leads or customers for you.
FanZappy offers one-stop web site and landing page design, implementation, hosting and optimization service. We are also experts of  "modernizing" a business web site or landing page with needed upgrades and site tuning.  Our goal is to make them engaging, fast loading, mobile responsive and search engine optimized. Browse these projects to get started:
Social WiFi Guest Hotspot
If you run a brick-and-mortar business, consider offering a free WiFi hotspot to your guests and customers. It has been proved by market studies such as this one that free WiFi is something your guests and customers demand. Sounds good? Still, there are serious concerns that we've heard from businesses thinking about offering free guest WiFi hotspots: Security and manageability: I know open WiFi is not safe...and managing the WiFi passcode is a hassle.  Benefits to business: As the business owner, what else do I get in return by offering free WiFi? The world needs an innovative guest WiFi hotspot solution that answer all these questions from you!
Now introducing Zamplifi (web site, the business-class guess social WiFi hotspot router from FanZappy. For qualified local business establishments, we ship to location a pre-programmed, pre-configured, and fully-customized Zamplifi router that creates a powerful guest WiFi spot in your premises that  enables one-click secure guest sign-in from customer's existing social media account and encourages guests to like, follow, and promote your business socially. Your Zamplifi router runs an WiFi campaign that promotes your business with specials or messages to your guests. Last but not least, your Zamplifi router captures guests' contact information such as email and phone numbers that  you can use to continue engaging with them after they leave your store. As FanZappy's "hardware-as-a-service" offering, we monitor the router and your hotspot 24/7 over the cloud so you don't have to.
Please browse our Zamplifi product site at then check out these sample client stories. See how businesses like yours are using Zamplifi routers to make happier customers while making long-lasting engagements with them.

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