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Wordpress Blogging Workflow

1. Content Is Still The King of Marketing

Blogging falls into the category of content marketing. It is certainly a great way to provide values and to engage with customers. WordPress, being the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world, was also exactly built for blogging.

To start, let us jump into what content marketing really is:

What is content marketing?

Content marketing (CM) is an important organic approach in modern marketing. CM consists planning, creating, distributing, and tracking relevant and targeted content that consistently brings value to a well-defined audience. The goal of content marketing is to attract, engage, and nurture a lead base, with the goal of converting them into revenue-generating customers. CM is further used to nurture paying customers for their loyalty and repeat transactions.

Why is content marketing important?

1. Customer reach – they welcome relevant content at the right time
2. Your brand – credible and valuable content enhance customer trust and loyalty
3. Value over advertising – organic content is a better and longer-lasting way to attract customers.
4. Engagement and conversion – authentic content attracts more leads and accelerates their conversion to paying customers.

In short, your marketing won’t work at its best without great content.

2. Create Your Own WordPress Blogging Workflow

The key for successful content marketing is consistency. In other words, you win customers by delivering high-quality engaging content over time. To achieve this, you need to set up a content work routine on a daily or weekly basis. Also, you need to run a content production workflow, where you’ll be able to do run content tasks, such as post planning, drafting, review, revision, scheduling, and publishing.

Obviously, a good way to go about a content production workflow is to use a stand-alone editorial calendar. But if you are already blogging from a WordPress website, why not creating your own blogging workflow right inside your WordPress? Therefore, complete your blogging tasks without ever leaving your site.


Download this Marketing Pro Series Guidebook today and follow the step-by-step instructions to achieve efficient content marketing by adding a native blogging workflow right on your WordPress site!

  • Create a content plan with post schedules
  • Draft posts and send for review
  • Review and comment on post drafts
  • Updates drafts based on comments
  • Approval and publish posts on schedule
  • It is free

Therefore don’t wait. Instead, let today be the day to start your efficient content marketing.

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