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2019 marketing
Get these 3 must-have marketing ingredients to accelerate your customer acquisition effort today. The short-cut to marketing success and save time and money.
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Wordpress Blogging Workflow
1. Content Is Still The King of Marketing Blogging falls into the category of content marketing. It is certainly a great way to provide values and to engage with customers. WordPress, being the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world, was also exactly built for blogging. To start, let us jump into what […]
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website speed
Are you wondering why your site visitors do not spend much time on your website? Why your website hasn’t been ranked high on Google and other search engines? One of the likely reasons is that your website is not fast enough.   Why DO I NEED A FAST WEBSITE? The answer is simple: your website […]
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instagram for business
INSTAGRAM FOR BUSINESS The world is changing, so are the businesses! The ever increasing competition in the business world makes it necessary for every business to connect to their audience in the most effective way. This is important not only for the survival in the market but also to run your business successfully. But the […]
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