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Site Search

What Is Site Search

When we talk about search, most of us tend to just think Google, Bing and other search engines. Yes, no doubt search engines are important for generating traffic to your website. But we shouldn’t forget about site search, which lets site visitors to quickly find the content after they landed on your website.

What is site search?

Search bars presented on your website that enables your site visitors to find wanted content only on your website, by using search terms, content categories, tags, etc.

site search

Go ahead and try a FanZappy search bar placed at the top of the right sidebar in this page.

Why Is Site Search Important

Well, site search has been around and is as old as websites. However, it is been under the shadows of search engine big brothers. Nowadays, a built-in search has become an ever-important function on any website:

  1. Site search completes customers’ content discovery process. Your customers are likely to find your website on Google and other search engines; The search function on your website lets them finish the discovery process.
  2. Websites have become content rich and complex. Site visitors need an effective search on your site to quickly find the content they want.
  3. Site search is a dynamic option as compared to the site menu for locating and organizing content.  It is often a better and quicker way to pull relevant content scattered across your website.
  4. Your customers are busy. They often prefer a quick site search over walking down the site menu to find what they need.
  5. Search on your website automatically creates customized landing pages targeting real-time customer needs. You know how time-consuming it can be just to create one landing page to promote one product or service. In contrast, site search creates a targeted landing page for each search query on the fly. Wow!! Here is the dynamic landing page, created by the search function on our website about “website.”
  6. A good site search provides value and increases your site engagement with visitors. Who doesn’t like a quick way to find things they want?! Site visitors will stay longer on your website when they find things they want.
  7. A good site search actually helps your SEO. Few folks know about this. A working search on your website will help your SEO ranking on Google and other search engine big brothers! It goes like this: you can send your site search queries to Google so it knows what your customer wants. In addition, Google is likely to increase your search ranks when it also sees your own search results.

You can check out another good example:

Site Search on China Med Device website.
Find it on the top of the website.

How to Do It Right

We hope by now you are convinced of the importance of having a site search on your website. If you already have one running, congrats! If not, don’t panic. We will share our tips on how to add and maximize the power of a built-in search on your website in our next post.

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