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The Market Demand for SEO Continues to Be Strong

We’d like to share a blog post by Jayson DeMers founder & CEO of AudienceBloom on the SEO industry.

Back in about a year ago, Jayson wrote: Not only has SEO survived this long, it’s thriving. According to a recent study by Borrell Associates, companies are to spend $65 billion on SEO in 2016. This industry will continue to grow to $72 billion by 2018 and $79 billion by 2020.

This plots out a trajectory to preserve that growth well into the future. Another recent survey of 357 marketers found that 90%+ plan to increase  SEO budgets or keep them the same over the next year.

So what drives this continued SEO growth? The report listed the following:

  • Users searche more. 
  • More search users. A
  • Added outlets for search visibility.
  • Decreasing power of traditional ads
  • Increasing SEO sophistication.

Jayson also gave his thought about the SEO industry’s bottom line: “It’s hard to look more than a few years into the future with so many variables and potential technological developments in play. However, it’s likely that SEO will continue to grow in popularity, in one form or another, for the foreseeable future.”

An SEO Approach That Impacts Your Business Bottom Line

Our team has adopted a “result-driven” approach (also call it the “data-driven”  or “top-down” approach).  Our SEO service is therefore different from the traditional “action-driven” approach (or rename it “task-driven” or “bottom-up” as you wish) where the SEO process starts from the “bottom” or the tactic level, for example, with something such as a site scan or examination of your meta tags.  Then you work your SEO up to try to see if search ranks are improved from your effort.

We are now doing SEO the other way around, starting from the “top,” i.e, starting by knowing how big your search market opportunity, your share of the market and your competition. By having this type of search market and competitive intelligence, the goal of SEO has become clear to us and to our clients: to increase the search market share and beat the competition. The result: acquiring more customers from search to our door instead of to competitions.  Use this search market monitoring and automation tool called SearchDom

We now use a new search market monitoring and automation tool called SearchDom that is instrumental in our result driving SEO approach. For a given business, SearchDom gives us the following data, on a daily basis, fully automated:

  • Search market: keywords, search volume, clicks
  • Market share: portion of search traffic going to this business
  • Competition: list of competitors and their market shares

Based on this type of market-level intelligence, it became a breeze for us to compile a short and high-impact of SEO to-do list to execute.

SearchDom’s daily tracking gives us a very quick turn-around to check the result of our execution, measured by search market gains. Then we’ll get the next short list of SEO to-dos, then execute.

Now we have created a positive loop in our SEO process that impacts a business’s bottom line more clearly and quickly and is 100% measurable.

With SearchDom our SEO effort and results are both staying at the “businss level” rather than at the “technical or tactic level”  that will easily drawn you in the metrics soup (meta tags, search ranks etc. etc.)

And believe us, the business numbers we not provide are what business owners expect to see.

A perfect match.

Happy SEO!


For More Information

You can find Jayson’s post here.

We recommend SearchDom to both business owners and marketing pros.