Big-Screen TV Interactive Programming

If you walk into a chain restaurant or a big retailer store, you cannot help but notice the existence of big-screen TVs hanging on the wall showing custom programmed content promoting the business. If you own a smaller business with brick-and-motor locations, you may wonder whether can you have the same without the need to have an in-house marketing and IT team.

Well, FanZappy have launched the turn-key  interactive big-screen TV marketing service. We can work with you to set up and program your big screens.

There will be no TV setup – all you need is a TV that can be connected to the internet (sometimes called a “smart TV”). We’ll create custom programming and feed live content to your connected TVs via cloud technology. with FanZappy, your big-screen TVs will show engaging and consumable content that brings true values to your customers and guests. Our programming is interactive in nature and is integrated with your social media and in-store campaigns to promote guests and customers to engage with each other and with your business.

No – you don’t need to have an in-house marketing and IT team. Neither will you need to manage it after we launch.

Yes – it is a new and powerful marketing channel that enables you to generate more sales with increased customer loyalty.

Check out these sample businesses running FanZappy big-screen interactive programming today: