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Bellevue Tennis Academy (web site, also developed by FanZappy ) is a leading tennis club and training facility on Seattle eastside, offering tennis training and fitness for all ages, juniors and adults alike, and all abilities, from beginner to elite. BTA’s motto: EVERYTHING TENNIS! 



FanZappy was hired by Bellevue Tennis Academy (BTA) to provide custom programming for a connected big-screen TV in the club’s lobby. This TV can be watched by guests waiting in the lobby and those in the adjacent Cafe can watch the programming. Goals of this project was to

  • Provide engaging and consumable  content to club’s guests;
  • Promote club business to guests in a positive, non-intrusive and non-spamming way
  • Empower guests to make  fun and social interaction with TV that helps strengthen club’s brand impression.


Based on these goals set forth, FanZappy TV service team developed live TV programming for BTA that contained these segment areas.

  1. Here and now: real-time local weather and local news
  2. Everything about Tennis: news and feeds from authoritative tennis sites and  social media accounts
  3. BTA Club: include club news and updates, program updates, start coach and member achievements, specials and offers
  4. BTA Cafe: include an introduction programming segment, special offer
  5. Social and interaction: a social campaign asking guests to post selfies with a predefined #hashtag on social media to earn a free smoothly from the cafe; QR code embedded to promote TV-phone/tablet interaction.

Rich content was programmed into live stream for BTA TV, including image, video, text, live social media feeds. Each programming segments contains one background layer, overplayed with one or  more layers of content on the front.  To fully realize live and social interaction with the TV, FanZappy connected it with a web cam that enabled club members and guests to see themselves on the big screen. Further, a selfie-reward #hashtag campaign was designed to empower members and guests to socially promote BTA in a fun way.


The current live feed of the current BTA TV programming can be viewed here. Click the TV below and you’ll be directly to BTA’s web site to view the live programming.


As a one-stop service, FanZappy team updates based on BTA’s business needs and based on the performance measures. All programming updates are viewed and approved by BTA before going live. The BTA TV is fun to watch and interact with.




Like the information and this live TV stream? Think maybe a big-screen TV with custom program will help you keep your customers and get them back for more business? Drop us a quick note and let’s have a chat:


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