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Marketing Like a Wildfire

Considering what Californians had to go through last year, I realize it is probably not an ideal analogy, to compare some thing of fast growth with a wildfire. However, I am not able to come up with a better visualization for the point I am attempting to make in this post. Send me an idea if you can help.

FanZappy, our marketing agency, have served a good number of businesses in both B2B and B2C sectors, big and small. This said, the end game for us is always to prove that marketing does work, by positively impacting our clients’ bottom line in a measurable way.

Customer Acquisition, Accelerated

Over the time, our team developed a marketing paradigm, proven working well for our clients to achieve their business goals. I’d like to share the 3 foundation pillars from our marketing efforts. Therefore, you can use them as sparks to light up your customer acquisition wildfire.

Or use them as the three boosters for your customer acquisition rocket launch.

Or use them as three keys to unlock your customer acquisition potential.

What is your analogy?

The Three Marketing Sparks

It seems true that everybody needs more customers theses days. In fact, when we are interviewed by potential clients, we are often asked with this question:

What are the best ways to get more customers?

Drawing from our own work experience by helping B2B and B2C clients, we have identified these three foundation pillars (aka sparks) in modern marketing to accelerate your customer acquisition efforts.

marketing pillars for business growth

MARKETING SPARK #1 – BEING CONTENT CENTRIC. We firmly believe content is still the king of marketing. Like food you eat everyday, content should be no doubt the “nutrition” that feeds your marketing body and builds your customer acquisition muscle. Content is the thing you produce and use throughout all your marketing steps and cycles.

MARKETING SPARK #2 – MEASURE WITH TRUE PERFORMANCE. Before you start, ask yourself what business growth measures and metrics you need to use to measure the success of your marketing? Is it subscriber list growth, number of web leads generated, calls, appointments, transactions, repeats? Be sure to not lower yourself by otherwise accepting “marketing technical measures,” thrown at you by someone you hired to do marketing. For example in search, reject keyword rankings but measure your search market share and resulted sign-ups as your true performance numbers.

MARKETING SPARK #3 – ASK AUTOMATION FOR EFFICIENCY.  Too much, no time, short of hands, worked 25 hours yesterday? Now kiss marketing automation, your new best friend and the only rescuer to all these problems. When done right, marketing automation helps you greatly along each step of your customer acquisition workflow. Automation has been proven to same business time and money while getting more customers. In addition, with the proliferation of AI in marketing, test some AI apps and tools that may take your marketing efficiency to the next level.

Happy reading. We plan to write additional posts soon to look into each of these marketing sparks with real projects. But don’t wait, let me know if you have any specific questions and comments.

Now you have the sparks. Time to light up your customer acquisition wildfire.

About the author

Lee Wang

Lee Wang, Ph.D. is the founder and a marketing principal with FanZappy. With 20 years experience in marketing, advertising, data mining areas and have worked in both service and technology development sides, Lee is a leading expert in content-centric, performance-driven and automation-accelerated modern marketing.

Hit a roadblock? Have a question? Ask Lee.

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