Video Production and Marketing

For most businesses, shooting engaging videos and using them to promote our business should be an integral part of marketing, just as important as your blogging and  your social media posting. The year 2015 has witnessed the proliferation of online marketing videos and how are they are helping business to get more customers. Quantitatively, please follow this link to view some convincing stats.

The barriers (thus the fear) that have been preventing you from getting into video marketing may be: (1) I don’t know how to make a video, (2) Videos are expensive for big businesses, (3) I don’t know how to use it to get customers.

With help from FanZappy on-demand video service team, these barriers disappear completely. Our approach:

A FanZappy principal will work with you to find out the best topics and format of the video to produce (live, animated, combo).
We have a professional video shooting and production team for hire, or we can show you how to produce on your own.
We can help in post-shooting production and video distribution
We can help make a plan and integrate video into your marketing matrix.

In terms of video production, every project is different from another. Clients with various in-house resources have found that FanZappy On-Demand Video service is the cost-effective way to go about video marketing.

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