Video – Animated Business Introduction


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FanZappy, website, is an on-demand and result-focusing marketing agency. With its unique approach in client, team and technology management, FanZappy is working with and helping businesses, big and small, to reach or exceed their business objectives via integrated effective marketing spanning over online and offline marketing channels. 




Who doesn’t like watching cartoons?! An animated video gives businesses a magic way to convey an important message to an audience in the form of something enjoyable and memorable. Use an animated video to make a lasting impression and increase the response rate!  Also, sometimes choosing the animated format for your video may save you time and cost, if we don’t need to make an on-site or on-location shooting. A FanZappy principal is standing by to help determine the need of a marketing video for your business and choose the best format for it.

As shown below, we compiled a sample video that contains three animated clips with different flavors of animation: a story told by a cartoon character for a tech start-up, an animated scenario play for a local shop, and an animated storyboard explainer for an organization:



Another benefit to look out: having relevant and engaging videos embedded on your website, blog or social media posts will surely help increase your SEO ranking.



Do you liike these animated video samples? Do you think a similar one will help boost your business? Drop us a quick note and let’s have a chat:


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