Video: “Ciscoe for Mini” Commercial


MiniIt’s all started England and the year was 1957… Since then, with over 50 years of motoring, Mini has added up to hundreds of innovations and checkered flags, millions of models on the road, legions of devoted fans and one International Car of the Century award.



The idea was for Seattle Mini and Northwest Mini dealerships to team up with Ciscoe Morris, a renowned gardening professional, the “Gardening with Ciscoe” radio show host, and a local celebrity figure, to shoot a 30-second TV-quality video showing his love for Mini. A local video shooting and production team were hired to do the job (who now part of FanZappy Video Service team). The team planned the script with the dealerships and Ciscoe, did the actual on-site shooting and post-shooting production, uploaded the production video the dealerships’ respective YouTube channels, and helped create a plan for using the video for Mini’s marketing needs on both TV and online channels.

A copy of this video can be viewed below:


Regarding video marketing, FanZappy is providing a leveled playground for all businesses. Via this project, we proved that the production of and the marketing with engaging and high-quality videos are not out of reach from small and medium businesses. Quite on the contrary, our video team have found that local and smaller businesses often have superb and creative ideas on how to make great videos to outreach to and engaging with their customers.




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