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FanZappy, website,  is an on-demand and result-focusing marketing agency. With its unique approach in client, team and technology management, FanZappy is working with and helping businesses, big and small, to reach or exceed their business objectives via integrated effective marketing spanning over online and offline marketing channels. 






See below, FanZappy video team produced a series of instructional videos about our Social Media Management Software named FanZappy Sandbox.  The series contains an overview section, followed by three functional sections of this software. These videos were used in our client and team training sessions and classes and were also published on our support site for people to refer to.  They have become a great aid that helped clients and team members to ramp up on using Sandbox more quickly.


We discovered that these videos also helped accelerate our sales process as they gave future clients a chance to have a visual overview of the product they were going to use as well as a detailed walk on it across the three major functional areas.  Instead of requesting a sales demo, we just needed to ask them to view these videos then follow up with a feedback/discussion session.





Like the quality of these instructional videos? Do you think something like this will help customer ramp-up on your products? Drop us a quick note and let’s have a chat:


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