Email Marketing

Email marketing has stayed to be one of classic internet marketing tools for all businesses. It is about communicating and engaging with your customers and prospects with, often recurring, email messages. Used effectively, email marketing can be vital in creating brand awareness, generating leads or sales, and building customer loyalty and trust. An email campaign can be about sending email newsletters on a regular basis to keep recipients updated with your business or about blasting a single email piece about a new product or service. Follow these steps towards a successful email campaign:

FanZappy email marketing contains these components:

Implement a list capturing strategy to grow your email list database

Make sure your email recipients have agreed to receive this email from you

Pay attention to wording and creative used in email (title, body, etc.) to ensure high delivery and open rates

CTA: make sure there is a single and clear ask in your email and a place to crack the call-to-action

Instrument your email campaign to measure from delivery to open and clicks. Calculate your email campaign ROI.

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