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In this post, we share a sample client report we call “Traffic & Conversion Report,” or “T&C Report” in short, for a B2B client in the healthcare sector.

For each period such as in each month, a FanZappy principal collects, analyzes and compiles the T&C report for our client. This report is shared and discussed with the client and all FanZappy service team members for the client. It covers all marketing areas and channels under FanZappy management and entails the following key marketing results and business intelligence:

  • The Bottom Line. We track and report the ultimate performance numbers that matter to our clients, in comparing to our marketing spend: cost per lead (CPL), cost per client acquisition (CPCA), and return-on-investment (ROI, by comparing marketing spend with generated revenue);
  • Website Performance. For best user experience, SEO and traffic-to-lead conversion, we manage and ensure the client website is a fast, mobile-friendly and SEO optimized website over its competition.
  • SEO – Search Market Share and Competitive Landscape.  In the search engine optimization area, we identify the size of the total search market and the competitive landscape. We further report how this market is divided up among our client and the competition. Our SEO goal is to grow the search market share for our clients and reach the dominant position.
  • Content & Event Production. FanZappy adopts a content-centric approach in marketing. Therefore, we focus on managing a master content and event plan that produces engaging and SEO content across the client’s website, blogs, social media, email, webinars and events.
  • Per-Channel Stats and Intelligence. In this report, we provide detailed stats about all contributing marketing channels of this client, including website, content/blogging, email newsletter campaigns, social media, referral/backlinks, webinars/events.
  • Traffic-to-Conversion Analytics. FanZappy tracks and reports traffic from all continuing channels and report each of their effectiveness in generating web leads for this B2B client. In addition, a visual “search conversion pyramid” is presented in this report to give the client a clear understanding of how we are getting traffic and leads from search engines.
  • Period Summary & Action Plan. Last but not least, we present a bulleted summary of highs and lows of the reporting period and suggest top action items to accomplish in the next period for continued traffic and lead growth for the client and for further improving the client bottom line.

Don’t wait. Receive a FanZappy sample client report to see effective B2B marketing in the works:

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