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In this post, we share a sample client report we call “Traffic & Conversion Report,” or “T&C Report” in short, for a B2B client in the healthcare sector. For each period such as in each month, a FanZappy principal collects, analyzes and compiles the T&C report for our client. This report is shared and discussed […]
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2019 marketing
Get these 3 must-have marketing ingredients to accelerate your customer acquisition effort today. The short-cut to marketing success and save time and money.
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Wordpress Blogging Workflow
1. Content Is Still The King of Marketing Blogging falls into the category of content marketing. It is certainly a great way to provide values and to engage with customers. WordPress, being the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world, was also exactly built for blogging. To start, let us jump into what […]
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