Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

After the marketing foundation is built with needed marketing channels in place and running for your business, your FanZappy principal and you can work on a multi-channel marketing campaign with a particular business objective and message such as

“Get 20% more customers during the holiday season with a 20% off special.”


“Generate 100 qualified leads via downloading the owner’s ebook.”

To start, your FanZappy principal will do the planning. He will research and look at data collected from your business, from your industry and from your market area. He will create a campaign proposal and discuss it with you. A FanZappy campaign proposal is our blue print, including campaign definition of success, landing page design, campaign duration and budget, and organic and paid marketing channels to use in this campaign that drives traffic to the campaign. It will also includes specifics of each channel setup/resource needed, cross-channel integration, and end-to-end tracking & report method.

With your approval, your FanZappy team goes ahead to implement this campaign. Your FanZappy principal will review with you on the campaign setup after it is completed.

Once we launch this multi-channel marketing campaign, we’ll notify you as each result is generated and provide you with a campaign report. Your FanZappy principal and service team continues monitoring the campaign execution and its performance. Throughout the campaign duration, We’ll conduct in-campaign optimization as needed.

After campaign is ended, your FanZappy principal will meet with you to go over the campaign results, calculate the campaign ROI, and discuss with you on the next step regarding your marketing.

Browse these sample performance case studies to get started: