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Visiting Angels (web site ) is a private duty network of home care agencies and is the nation’s leading provider of non-medical senior home care services, providing in-home care, elder care, respite care, senior personal care, elderly care and companion care services. 



Visiting Angels at Eastside & North Seattle is growing its team and needed to recruit more qualified caregivers from the local area. A FanZappy principal worked with the business owner to collect business requirements and define the campaign objective. Based on these campaign requirements, FanZappy team designed and implemented a comprehensive marketing campaign.

Audience Research

Before the campaign start, FanZappy invested up front by having a principal working with the client owner to understand the business needs and campaign objectively. Our principal and marketing analyst did a market research to identify the marketing channels to use in the campaign to cost and result effectively outreach to job candidates. Out motto: “Marketing, where your customers are.”

From this research,  we identified for the campaign objective, social media (especially Facebook) and search (especially Google) are the channels that should be used:

A Multi-Channel Campaign

This recruiting campaign utilized multiple marketing channels that had been identified from our market research to be effective for outreaching and, engaging with potential candidates in client’s local service area:


We expanded our regular content marketing plan to include targeted posts across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ about the jobs with call-to-action (CTA) links.

Sample boosted campaign posts on Facebook:

We implemented (1) a dedicated Facebook local click-to-web campaign to outreach to local job candidates and (2) a post boost campaign that let each campaign post to outreach to even more candidates.

Sample ad copies and engagements:


We created a Google Pay-Per-Click Adwords campaign to get candidates when they search on Google.

Sample ad copies:



A Single Conversion Point

All utilized marketing channels were driving candidates the same landing page to complete a quick and anonymous caregiver qualification self test. For those who passed this initial screening process, we will forward them to the full application online and a Visiting Angels recruiter would follow up with and assist the candidate to complete the full application.


Or visit the live page here:


End-to-End Tracking

We instrumented all channels and the landing page with Google Analytics, which enabled us to track results all steps of the way. Optimization on some channels and the landing page was performed throughout the campaign period based on the results. Generated leads and campaign reports were shared with client.


What Does Client Say


The Full Report

Click below to view our case study for this campaign:


Or follow this link to download the report.


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