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Bellevue Tennis Academy, web site – also developed by FanZappy, is a leading tennis club and training facility on Seattle Eastside, offering tennis training and fitness for all ages, juniors and adults alike, and all abilities, from beginner to elite. BTA’s motto: EVERYTHING TENNIS! 



FanZappy web development team, led by a principal was completing the new website for Bellevue Tennis Academy (BTA).  The principal started working with the club’s general manager on content planning for the website. An excellent idea came up in a brainstorm session: why don’t we prepare for a series of video blogs to show junior players the fundamental techniques they can improve on?! In addition to coaching and self-exercise, “seeing is believing” would be another great way for our juniors to improve on tennis. Better still, why don’t we invite our junior members to be in these videos and demonstrate their techniques?!


We put the thought into execution quickly by shooting, producing and uploading the first video in the library. The club owner also published a blog about this video. We are on track to add more video to BTA’s Junior V-Library and will continue blogging about them.


Here is the first video we produced. Note that as part of a video library, each of these videos has a short time frame (30 seconds or so) focusing on single technique and is ready to be used in blogs.  We achieve shorter turn-around time to meet the deadlines for blog publishing schedule. These produced videos are in high resolution regardless of the short time frame and quick turn-around time.


Click to watch this sample video from BTA’s junior video library:






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