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BTA Cafe and Wine Bar (web site http://bellevuetennisacademy.com/cafe , also developed by FanZappy ) is a newer expansion of Bellevue Tennis Academy. BTA Cafe positions itself as a type of establishment offering high-quality, nutritious and healthy food an drink to tennis players, their guests, and anyone from the neighborhood. Since its grand opening, it has become a true place for all ages and occasions,  covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, family and group gathering, celebration sand parties, and business catering for the community.



At BTA Cafe’s grand opening, FanZappy deployed a Zamplifi Social WiFi marketing router. More information about Zamplifi social router can be found by following this link.


BTA Cafe WiFi


To BTA Cafe’s guests and customers, the Zamplifi social WiFi router provides the following

  • Keep connected via a free high-speed WiFi hotspot while being in the Cafe
  • Secure and simple sign-in: secure sign-in from customer’s social media account. No need to ask for a passcode.
  • Remember who I am: one-click sign in next time to use the WiFi on the same device
  • Get the latest news and updates from BTA Cafe: view latest messages and specials during the sign-in.


To BTA Cafe’s business owners, the Zamplifi social WiFi router provides the following

  • A turn-key business-class WiFi hotspot with absolutely no setup or configuration
  • Router is 24/7 monitored and management by Zamplifi over the cloud with 99% uptime guarantee
  • FanZappy also provides router lifetime hardware guarantee and firmware upgrades
  • The hotspot takes social sign-in so no need for owner to create or manage any passcode for it
  • Advertising before sign-in: show Cafe’s promotions and specials to WiFi users on the WiFi sign-in page
  • Social marketing during sign-in: ask users to like Cafe’s Facebook page to get more followers
  • Promotion after sign-in: land users to Cafe’s web site before they start internet surfing
  • WiFi session control: set the max WiFi duration to be 2 hours so no abuse from WiFi users
  • Long-term engagement with WiFi users: with WiFi user’s explicit permission (opt in), the router captures WiFi user contact information (email address, etc.) and send them to a marketing email subscriber list.
  • An online owner’s dashboard to view live stats, captured contact information, and marketing results


You’ll find the sign-in page of the BTA Cafe WiFi hotspot at below.  Click on it or follow this link from your laptop, phone, or tablet to experience for yourself a live simulation of this Zamplifi Social WiFi hotspot.


UPDATE 03/09/2017: we have expanded this social WiFi hotspot by adding multiple routers so it covers both BTA Cafe and the new Bellevue Tennis Shop inside the BTA premises. The name of the WiFi hotspot has also been changed to BTA Guest WiFi. Follow this link to run an online simulation of this upgraded social WiFi hotspot:

WiFi Simulation

BTA Cafe WiFi Hotspot Simulation


As part of the WiFi setup, we also also delivered these transparent free WiFi vinyl signs like this one. BTA put them on front door and countertop.


Free WiFi Sign


Every month, the BTA Cafe free social WiFi hotspot serves hundreds of happy guests and customers with thousands of WiFi sessions.





Like the idea of providing a free WiFi hotspot for your guests and customers while being able to promote your business and capture their contact information at the same time? Drop us a quick note and let’s have a chat. A FanZappy principal is standing by.


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