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FanZappy (web site is an on-demand and result-focusing marketing agency. With its unique approach in client, team and technology management, FanZappy is working with and helping businesses, big and small, to reach or exceed their business objectives via integrated marketing spanning over online and offline marketing channels. 




FanZappy Business Team was working on building a mobile app that enabled merchants to get repeat business and loyal customers by distributing “mobile deal packs” to their customers using a mobile app. A demo video was called to enable end users to see the benefits of using this app and how to save with their favorite local merchants.

A FanZappy principal teamed up with our Services team and drove this video product from start to finish, in time for the mobile app product launch. We researched the app’s target user profile and hired a model that best matched the main target persona in gender and age.

The final production video can be found here:




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