Video – Zamplifi Product Introduction


ZamplifiZamplifi, website, is a product division of FanZappy, offering world’s leading cloud-based in-store and in-vehicle social WiFi hotspot products and associated integrated marketing services. 





Zamplifi’s marketing campaign for its first product launch included a video component. The objective of this video was to produce an “introduction video” about the concept and the first product. The video was to be placed on the home page prominently, together with other above-the-fold content.

A FanZappy principal and the video team planned the video production with Zamplifi marketing team. Time is at essence for this product launch. The design we settled was to compile this introduction video using existing on-location still shots and product screen shots of a product demo, added with textual overlay to business and product messages.

A copy of this video can be viewed below:


You can also visit the Zamplifi home page to see the actual placement of this “first video” on Zamplifi’s website. Since this video went alive on the web site, Zamplifi  received more business inquires and made more sales.





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