Video Production – Owner’s Video for a Landing Page


Visiting Angels, website, is a network of home care agencies and is the nation’s leading provider of non-medical senior home care services, providing in-home care, elder care, respite care, senior personal care, elderly care and companion care services. 


While planning a caregiver recruiting campaign with Visiting Angels North Seattle and Eastside team, the FanZappy principal proposed an “owner’s call” video that should make campaign’s landing page personal and more engaging with caregiver prospects.  The purpose of having such a video on the landing page is to allow future caregivers to get a chance to

  • Know the business leadership,
  • Listen to owner’s description about this business, and
  • Receive a personal invite to proceed to the call-to-action of the campaign.

As for most video production projects, FanZappy video team provided the plan, scripting, on-location shooting, post-shooting production, and uploading and distribution services.

A copy of this video can be found below:


You can also visit the campaign’s actual landing page  to se exact placement of the video in the above-the-fold section.

Both our survey and campaign data showed that producing and embedding a owner’s call video, specific for the purpose of this campaign, meet its business objective.



If you like this video and think a similar video should make your marketing personal and engaging, please leave us a quick note. Let’s have a chat.


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