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FanZappy Local Listings Dashboard Is Fully Integrated with Google My Business

In this month Google released Google My Business (GMB) API Version 3.0 that, as we quote, “adds new functionality for people who manage locations at scale.” The “key new features include the ability to read and respond to customer reviews and provide additional attributes for locations, such as whether a restaurant accepts reservations, serves brunch, or has outdoor seating.

We are happy to announce that FanZappy Local Listings Dashboard is now fully integrated with GMB API V3.0 that brings some important new features for our clients to better manage their Google My Business listings and get their businesses in front of more search users. The top new features are:

  1. Add structured location attributes, relevant to your industry category
  2. Control your photo library and tell google to show the right photos in search results
  3. Review and respond to all Google reviews directly from the dashboard
  4. Incorporate publisher suggestions into your listings


Tell Google More About Your Business with Structured Location attributes:

Note: this feature is not available on your Google My Business page. You can get this accomplished on FanZappy Local Listings dashboard.

On FanZappy Local Listings Dashboard, you can now add structured attributes for your location and tell search users more about your business! To Google, owner-created structured data are more trustworthy than robot-indexed non-structured data. To a business owner, it is a great opportunity to add more info about your business to stand out from the pack with higher search ranking.

For example, if your place is wheel chair accessible, add it! If you place offers free WiFi, add it! If your place has a bar, add it!

Below is a screenshot of the structured location attributes a hotel owner has added on the dashboard:

Location Attributes

These attributes are immediately accepted by Google and added to your Google My Business Listing. Since it is a hotel, Google has translated these attributes into “Amenities.”

GMB Attributes Shown

All your structured location attributes are indexed by Google. As the result, this hotel is likely to be shown in Google search results with a higher ranking when someone around the location is searching for a place to stay that has free WiFi, has a hot tab and has a gym!

Better yet, you can update these attributes on FanZappy dashboard at any time.


Tell Google how you want photos to be shown on search and Map results:

With this round of update, Google introduced a new “Preferred photo” field to mark business photos. Together with other photo marking fields, we now have more control in telling Google how to present business photos in search and Google map:

  • (NEW) Preferred photo– Recommend the photo that you want your customers to see alongside your business name on Google Maps and Search
  • Profile photo– Add a profile photo to help your customers recognize your business on Google. Your profile photo will be featured next to your business name on your Google+ page
  • Logo– Add your logo to help customers identify your business. Square-sized logos display best on Google
  • Cover photo– Add a cover photo to showcase your page’s personality. Your cover photo is the large photo featured at the top of your Google+ page
  • Additional photos– Add different kinds of photos to spotlight features of your business that customers consider when making purchasing decisions.

GMB Preferred Photo


Capture all Google reviews and respond directly from the dashboard:

Thanks to this round of Google update, business owners now can find all Google reviews (along with reviews from other sites such as Yelp), read and respond directly from FanZappy dashboard.


GMB Reviews


With the ability of centrally managing reviews from all major sites including Google, Yelp, Facebook, FanZappy Local Listings Dashboard is truly your one-stop place for listening and engaging with your customers online.


Improve your listings with the collective power of publishers:

Sometimes, Google and other publisher partners of ours suggest an update to your business listings. The following example shows that Google has found your actual business hours appear to be different from what you have in your Google My Business listing.

Publisher Suggestions


With this round of integration, FanZappy dashboard will alert you with these publisher suggestions that you can one-click accept or reject. FanZappy dashboard updates your listings data with publisher suggestions you accepted and propagates these updates to all publisher partners.  In this way, your business listings are always up to date and synchronized across all 70+ publisher sites.


Get listed and get more customers from search!

If your business is already listed with FanZappy Local Listings service, log on to your dashboard and take advantage of these new features to get more customers from search today.

If you have not signed up with us, please follow this link to learn more about FanZappy Local Listings, run a free local scan for your business, and let us know if you’d be interested in getting in touch.

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