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Email Marketing

Zamplifi, a FanZappy division ( that builds business WiFi products, launched a new class of mobile social WiFi routers named CarFi.  The FanZappy email marketing team was charged to develop an email campaign about this new product addition to Zamplifi’s product line-up.


Zamplifi CarFi Email Campaign


The campaign targeted existing customers and new prospects who own or operate commercial passenger vehicles or fleets. By campaign time, Zamplifi team had developed a list database from their website, search, and social media (how to collect and grow a customer/lead database is another important topic by itself that we’ll cover in another post).  FanZappy designed this email campaign as a lead-gen tool, with the goal of generating interest and obtaining as many inquiries as possible for the CarFi product brochure. The Zamplifi partner development team would follow up on each captured lead with email and phone calls.


So we have an email campaign with a “classic” workflow that is commonly followed. But as people say: the devil is in the details! 


The email team tuned up this campaign in a number of places. From our A/B tests and final results, we knew we had turned this email into a powerful lead-gen vehicle. The optimization details are now shared in this Zamplifi CarFi Email Campaign case study.


Marketing Optimization


Are you going to unleash an email campaign for your own product or service? We can help by taking a look and sharing tips from this project and our experience.


Jonah Sachs best captures what we have learned from this email campaign: Good marketers see consumers as complete human beings with all the dimensions real people have.


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