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goldEmail Lists Are Gold

There is a lot of writing out there about email lists. That an email list is “where the money is” because that’s how you reach all your leads, but the real reason what an email list is pure solid gold is because not only is it a direct line to all your customers and leads, but you control that list, no on else. You own every contact. No one else can take that away from your business.

Who Has Control?

Today everything is controlled by someone else. Let’s take a  look at a couple examples. Let’s say you want to improve your search ranking. Well in order to do that you have to cater your website and content to fit the requirements set by Bing, Google and  Yahoo (or other search engines). The same situation applies when you look to use social media marketing. Facebook and Twitter set up rules and conditions and have even started to use algorithms that don’t let you influence who sees your posts.

And guess what… then just as you start to figure out what works for your business with all these 3rd party controllers, they change the rules again.

If you read the fine prints of these service providers, you will quickly realize that they own pretty much every piece of your effort with them – your search ranking, your social media accounts, your social posts and followers. It is no wonder that Google won’t tell you who searched for your business. Nor would Facebook like to tell you who your followers are.

An email contact list is what you have. Period.

Why An Email List Is Critical

As a result, an email list is the only thing you can actually retain control over. An email list gives you the freedom to educate your readership, to sell to them, or to invite them to events and giveaways (just a few of the fun marketing strategies you can employ). The best thing about email marketing is that you can foster a true relationship with your subscriber base. Not just flashy sales emails, but a true give and take between you and your customers.

So make sure you’re not missing out and start building a list today. If you need help developing a strategy, setting up auto-responders, or just want to send out some targeted email to your readership FanZappy can help. Contact us and find out the best way to utilize email in your business today.

In the next post, let’s cover the ways to grow a high-quality email list. This is saying – let’s dig some more gold.


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