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Patrick Fitzgerald is a local State Farm agent in Kirkland, Wa (web site ). Grew and rooted in the neighborhood, Patrick is goal is to provided the best kind and personalized insurance services to Kirkland and surrounding areas. 


Goal & Plan

A FanZappy principal and Patrick worked together to define the business objectives for social media marketing with the “Get to Know: theme:

  • Get to Know Patrick as a Neighborhood Person: He is a husband and father. Works hard, plays hard. Lives life to its fullest thru a positive attitude.
  • Get to Know Patrick as a Community Contributor:Participant and contributor to local community organizations; Help people manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected and realize their dreams.

FanZappy developed a set of mini content campaigns to outreach and engage with more local users with the above themes. The success was measured by increased social following and engagement during the campaign periods. In the following, let’s go thru several mini campaigns to demonstrate.

1. Myself, My Family, My Team, My Neighbors

We definitely wanted to break the old mold that an insurance agent is always formal, dressed up in suite without a life. On the contrary, our goal is to let the local folks know that Patrick is from a new generation with a full life and family just like you a me. Social media is no doubt the best channel to get the message through and strengthens his affinity with the neighborhood.

What could be better news to post when you just welcomed a new member to the family? With permission from Patrick, we generated a set of posts about Eli, his new son. Since then Eli has become a celebrity for Patrick on social media. For Patrick, it has become a tradition to proudly show Eli and other family members for community events such as Seahawks games etc. These Eli posts received a lot likes and comments. From time to time we also post about his team members and neighbors for recognition.


2. I Support My Community

Patrick is actively involved in community events and community-supporting efforts. The FanZappy principal kept a close communication with Patrick and received fun posts about his involvement in these events. FanZappy social media team created photo posts and published them in time on social media.

Every holiday season, Patrick hosts a Toys for Tots box in the office and asked neighborhood to stop by and drop gift toys for toddlers who needed them. We were able to reach out people on social media and to get more office visits and toy donations.

Patrick’s selfie post for Toys for Tots campaign.


Movember is a leading global organization committed to changing the face of men’s heath with an annual awareness and fund raising campaign in the month of November. To support this cause and further establish Patrick as a community supporter, we developed a Movember social media campaign that included a new Facebook cover image, a new Facebook profile photo, a series of fun posts about November and a photo contest campaign inviting people to enter their Movember selfies and win a reward.

Patrick Fitzgerald Movember Campaign Facebook Cover


In recently years, Seattle Seahawks has become a local phenomenon in Seattle and surrounding areas. Pretty much everyone in the community is a Hawks’ “12th.” As football fans, Patrick and his family are among the best 12ths in town. Every NFL season, we executed a plan that showed their love and team on social media. In turn, we got a good number of likes and other engagements from the community.

3. Tips to Make Life Better

As a insurance professional, Patrick is uniquely at the position of providing life tips to the community. We leverage his strength in this area and ask him to regularly give us life tips to post. Here are just a few example posts we did in the tips area:


4. Timely Updates on Local Matters

Patrick understand the importance to post about valuable and timely local news and events on social media. As a result, his social media content plan with FanZappy contains a schedule for producing and posting things about his neighborhood on a regular basis. Below please find a sample of these local posts.


5. It’s FUN with Patrick!

If you ask, what is the key difference between a social media post and other online content such as a blog or a news update on a business or professional web site? The answer is that social media is a fun place to hang out! Social media posts should be shorter and concise to the point, more visual (images and videos are the best formats), should be in fun nature if at all possible and relevant to the client business.

Below we provide some examples of the fun posts we produced that have generated favorable responses for Patrick:


With our help, Patrick established himself with his social media presence as a trustworthy resource and hub for everything local and about his community. He was able to outreach and engage with community members with relevant, valuable, timely, and often fun content.




Are you a local agent or business? Interested in knowing how we can help you success in getting the news out and getting the sales from social media? Please send us  quick note:

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