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Plant Stand (web site ) is a company that designs and manufactures innovative plant stands and associated products.




Being a small business, Plant Stand was focusing on designing and producing innovative and high-quality stands and other projects that market demands. Marketing was not a business priority due to owner’s busy schedule and the lack of resources and know-how.  FanZappy was hired to use the social media channel to attract and engage with end customers. The objective is to grow a loyal social follower base and interact with followers using relevant, fun and engaging content together with product information. Plant Stand also wanted to turn social media into a customer service center to listen and help customers with their questions and needs.



Before we started, a FanZappy principal worked with Plant Stand owner to understand his business and marketing objective. Based on the knowledge, FanZappy social media team create a target social media audience profile. Based on this profile, we also identified these social media properties that were the most effective place to attract and engage with the audience for Plant Stand based on potential followers’ concentration and activity level:



Meanwhile, a social media management plan was created and reviewed with Plant Stand owner, a copy of which can be found here.


Set up

Following up on the plan, FanZappy social team team created a Facebook business page and Twitter account for Plant Stand. We made sure the business brand and images were well reflected in our professional setup. As marked in the screenshot below, we also created these customized components on Plant Stand’s Facebook page:

Please follow this link to visit the live Plant Stand Facebook page.


On Twitter, we created a Plant Stand account with a fully populated business profile with all allowable customizations:

Please follow this link to visit the Twitter home for Plant Stand.

We also set up a social media dashboard on HootSuite for Plant Stand and created a FanZappy user and apps access management OneLogin dashboard that enabled co-management and information sharing across Plant Stand owner, FanZappy principal and his service team.



Under the guidance of the FanZappy principal and the social media marketing plan, FanZappy social media service team has been responsible for these daily tasks:

  1. Content marketing: perform content research, produce and schedule posts to be published to Facebook and Twitter daily;
  2. Community management: monitor client’s brand and business reputation; respond to social engagement including user likes, comments, posts and messages, escalate conversations to business owner as needed;
  3. Performance tracking & report: track social media performance and results; deliver monthly reports and an optimization proposal to the business owner.

Below please find some screenshots showing our social media dashboard for content research, post production, reputation monitoring, user engagement, and performance tracking and reporting:

  • Plant Stand Social Media Dashboard

    Plant Stand Social Media Dashboard

  • Plant Stand HootSuite Posting

    Plant Stand HootSuite Posting

  • Plant Stand HootSuite Posting

    Plant Stand HootSuite Posting


As needed and approved by the client, we also boosted the social media performance with a small ad budget from time to time.




Plant Stand owner has been satisfied with our social media marketing efforts.  Without much of his direct involvement, we have, in a cost-effective way, reached the milestone of 5000 social followers for Plant Stand and the base is steadily growing everyday.  He is also getting customer inquires via social media posts/messages as well as from web site and phone call-to-actions from his Facebook and Twitter presence.

In this report, we present two customer inquiries to show how social media is helping Plant Stand, a small business in the US, get customers from around the world!

Plant Stand Going Global





Social media should be a powerful new marketing channel for businesses, big and small. Do you have a question, want to know more details about this project or interested in knowing how we can help you success in getting the news out and getting the sales from social media? Please send us  quick note:



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