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PACE Staffing Network

PACE Staffing Network (web site, also developed by FanZappy) is one of the premier staffing agencies serving the Seattle area with placement and hiring support to job seekers and employers.



FanZappy was hired to design and host a landing page for a search and social media advertising campaign of the client’s. The goal of this ad campaign is to engage qualified local employers and recruiters via search and social media channels with an eBook offer and direct them to a landing page to be designed. A success (conversion) is measured by captured employer or recruiter’s contact information (lead) on the landing page.

The landing page that FanZappy designed can be found at:

PACE eBook Landing

A FanZappy team completed this project through these phases:

Design & Development: A FanZappy principal worked closely with the client business owner, her marketing director and here eBook designer to ensure that the landing page layout and color theme would match client brand and the ebook design.  Under the guidance of the FanZappy principal, a FanZappy web designer and a web developer teamed up to design and implement this landing page.

On the page, large-font headline text, a conversion block (in this case the eBook download registration form) and a large call-to-action (CTA) button are clearly presented above the fold , the portion of the landing page that is visible in a browser window when the page first loads. Secondary content about the author and about PACE are presented below the fold on the same page with a repeat of the CTA button at the bottom of the page.

On the landing page, an “About Us” link was placed on the header that will send visitors to PACE’s full web site, if they’d like to view more information about PACE before registering for the eBook.

The landing page was also tested to be mobile responsive and search engine friendly before launch.

Hosting & Tracking: FanZappy hosted the landing page as well as the underlying email and tracking system during the campaign period. Upon receiving an eBook request on the landing page, we presented a thank-you message on the page, and on behalf of PACE business owner, an email was sent to the requester as a thank-you with a link to the eBook download page (hidden from the landing page site). The system also instantly emails the PACE  team with a copy of the captured lead and contact information. The PACE employer service team took over from there with email and phone call follow-up steps.



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