Print – Saladworks Direct Mail


Saladworks (web site ) serves the community with fresh,  healthy,  nutritious and delicious salads, panini sandwiches, soups and wraps. Central to Saladworks’ concept is that salads can be made-to-order from a selection of 50 ingredients mixed with any of 17 available dressings. Saladworks also offers catering deliveries. 




Saladworks Seattle partnered with FanZappy in online and print marketing. As part of the effort, FanZappy designed and administratored a direct mail campaign. The campaign objective to to reach out to the neighborhood, business and residential alike, to introduce the business and invite customers to come over, sample featured dishes and save.

Over 4000 of these cards were delivered to customers who live or work withing 0.5 miles radius from the store location. From our relationship with high-quality printers and US Post Office, we minimized the direct email production and deliver costs, as compared to other campaign bids client received. We ran the campaign in 4 weeks and the results were very positive, Saladworks received a large number of new customers, counting by the card coupon redemption, and a good portion of them have started to come again.




Like to have a been-there-done-that partner to professionally design, high-quality print, and low-cost deliver your direct mail to selected customers? Let’s have a quick chat. A FanZappy principal is standing by.


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