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La Bu La Restaurant (web site http://www.labula-dining.com) is a popular Chinese restaurant in the heart of Bellevue, Wa. It brings authentic Szechuan style Chinese food to both local residents and download workers alike.



Please refer to La Bu La web site update project to see how we updated the web site for this client in terms of page load speed, mobile friendliness, and search engine readiness. In this follow-up report, we provide quantitative performance test results on La Bu La’s original site (the “before site”) and the updated site developed by FanZappy (the “after site”).


Tuning Up the Site Performance

To make a high performance (fast page loading, etc.) web site, FanZappy team measures and optimizes all major web site performance impacting areas, ranging from code optimization/reduction, caching, to content (image/video) compression.  For La Bu La web site, as shown in the follow chart, we have significantly increase the site performance. In one industry test report, the score went up from grade E (better than 59% of all sites tested) to A (better than 95% of all sites tested).

La Bu La Web Site Performance Study

In particular, the home page load speed is reduced from 3.7 sections to 2.3 seconds, the content needed to download is reduced from 1.92 mega bytes to 1.30 mega bytes (including a video top slider), and the number of resources to download is reduced from 43 to 35.  On the right hand, it can been seen that all top performance affecting areas have been significantly improved to A grade.


Optimizing the Site for Mobile Responsiveness

We tested on various devices and found La Bu La’s original site had issues when rendering on various devices:

La Bu La Original Site



Google Mobile Friendly Test also rejected the old web site as being mobile friendly, which in turn hurt La Bu La’s search ranking:

Google Test Fail



As part of the site update project, we modified the site code, content, and style sheets to make it fully mobile friendly. Tested to make sure the update site now is device responsive across all types of devices: desktop, laptop, tablets, phones:




Indeed, now the optimized web site of La Bu La’s confirms to Google’s mobile responsiveness standard:

Google Pass


You are welcome to also visit La Bu La’s live site and see for yourself.



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