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SEO Guide

This is probably the most often asked question when I talk with business owners:



Well, I can recommend you start with a simple guide for beginners, written by Google itself, properly named:


“Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”


Read this ebook right here:

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or download a copy for yourself by following this link: Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide


Some of us in the SEO team, are still referring it from time to time. Talking about SEO classics, this is one. Keep a copy by your desktop…you will find it useful.


After the read, may I recommend check out SEO info page where you can get to know more about SEO, run a free self scan to see where your site is on search, and browse some sample projects where we helped some businesses get found by their customers on Google and other search engines.


Click above picture or follow this link to FanZappy SEO info page.


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