Social WiFi Guest Hotspot

If you run a brick-and-mortar business, consider offering a free WiFi hotspot to your guests and customers. It has been proved by market studies such as this one that free WiFi is something your guests and customers demand. Sounds good? Still, there are serious concerns that we’ve heard from businesses thinking about offering free guest WiFi hotspots:

Security and manageability: I know open WiFi is not safe…and managing the WiFi passcode is a hassle. 

Benefits to business: As the business owner, what else do I get in return by offering free WiFi?

The world needs an innovative guest WiFi hotspot solution that answer all these questions from you!

Now introducing Zamplifi (web site, the business-class guess social WiFi hotspot router from FanZappy.

For qualified local business establishments, we ship to location a pre-programmed, pre-configured, and fully-customized Zamplifi router that creates a powerful guest WiFi spot in your premises that  enables one-click secure guest sign-in from customer’s existing social media account and encourages guests to like, follow, and promote your business socially. Your Zamplifi router runs an WiFi campaign that promotes your business with specials or messages to your guests. Last but not least, your Zamplifi router captures guests’ contact information such as email and phone numbers that  you can use to continue engaging with them after they leave your store. As FanZappy’s “hardware-as-a-service” offering, we monitor the router and your hotspot 24/7 over the cloud so you don’t have to.

Please browse our Zamplifi product site at then check out these sample client stories. See how businesses like yours are using Zamplifi routers to make happier customers while making long-lasting engagements with them.