Performance Tracking & Tuning

With no exceptions, as part of FanZappy’s marketing build-up process, we always instrument each marketing channel under our management to capture vital analytics and business intelligence data. Your FanZappy principal reviews the collected data and work with your FanZappy service team to conduct performance and results tuning to optimize your marketing for better outcome and lowered cost.

Your FanZappy team performs the first round of optimization upon a marketing channel delivery then continue to monitor the marketing performance and further optimize managed marketing channels as needed or periodically, with the following tasks:

Channel tune-up, such as web site load speed optimization, mobile friendliness tune-up.
Results tune-up, such as SEO updates, ad copy and keyword updates, budget optimization.

Rest assured, when marketing with FanZappy, you can expect to be the top performer that beats your competitors.

Browse these sample performance case studies to get started: