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BTA Cafe and Wine Bar (web site , also developed by FanZappy ) is a newer expansion of Bellevue Tennis Academy. BTA Cafe positions itself as a type of establishment offering high-quality, nutritious and healthy food an drink to tennis players, their guests, and anyone from the neighborhood. Since its grand opening, it has become a true place for all ages and occasions,  covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, family and group gathering, celebration sand parties, and business catering for the community.



BTA partnered with FanZappy in preparation for the upcoming ground opening of its Cafe and Wine Bar. As BTA’s marketing partner, FanZappy  professionally designed a set of print menu and marketing materials  for the Cafe.

We designed these print menus for BTA Cafe.

1. Bi-Fold Wine Menu


Click this link to download this menu in PDF.


2.  One-Page Food Menu


Click this link to download this menu in PDF.


3.  One-Page Beverage Menu


Click this link to download this menu in PDF.

Specials such as coupons are a great way to promote your business. Below is a sample coupon we produced for BTA Cafe:


Click this link to download this menu in PDF.


An A-Frame is a useful outdoor display tool to promote your business. Place it along the roadside next to your business and people take notice.



Our A-Frame design for BTA Cafe:


Follow this link to download the design in PDF.



FanZappy also fed the content to the three flat screen TVs in BTA Cafe. Please follow this link to view the TV project.




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